5 Short YouTube Clips That Make Me Chuckle

I absolutely love to laugh, and I’m always looking for new things that will tickle my funny bone. I love these YouTube videos because they’re hilariously funny, but I also love how short they are. They’re great for a quick pick-me-up, and I think their brevity makes them even funnier. Without further ado…

1. New fence for Stella (18 seconds)

As a dog owner and DIYer, this one hits very close to home.

2. Cat Jumps Over Fence to Get Away From Dog (17 seconds)

You think you know why this will be funny…but you really don’t.

3. I’m Ok!! Homemade Minion Costume (21 seconds)

This is so cute that it hurts.

4. Hercules–DISAPPOINTED (12 seconds)

This actor accidentally read a stage direction as an actual line. (The clip plays through twice in this video, in case you’re wondering.)

5. Sneaky Cat sucker punch unaware cat (10 seconds)

I’ll be honest, this one is only kind of funny to me. My mother, however, absolutely loves it. Like, she laughs until tears stream down her face. So I’ll include it in case your sense of humor is the same as hers.


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