Déjà Vu: 5 Gilmore Girls Actors You’ve Seen on Other Shows

5 Gilmore Girls Actors You've Seen on Other Shows

I watch way too much a lot of TV. And, because we don’t have cable anymore (best decision ever, btw), most of the TV I watch is old–like really old. I watched a VHS tape of shows my mother copied for me in 1988 the other day. My husband and I binge-watched David the Gnome a few nights ago. So, you get the picture.

But most of what I watch is on Netflix, which means most of it is a year to a decade old. One fun thing I like to do when I’m watching these old shows is to try and spot any actors who were also on other shows. And it happens a TON. But one show that seems to have a whole lot of crossover is Gilmore girls. That’s probably because I’ve seen it the most (it’s my favorite), so I more easily recognize the actors in other parts. But it could also be because the show has had a lot of actors over the years. Anyway, doesn’t matter–I think these other parts are interesting, so it’s possible you will too. Some are more obvious, while others are pretty obscure. I’ll let you decide which ones are which.

1. Janet Billings as Schmidt’s Random Hookup in New Girl

Janet From Gilmore Girls on New Girl

I spotted this one the other day. (If you need a memory refresh, Janet was Rory’s roommate at Yale. She jogs, remember?) The actress’ name is Katie Walder, and I first saw her in the New Girl episode ‘Bad in Bed.’ She’s standing near the pool when Schmidt attends the baby shower for his coworker. Later, she sneaks out of Schmidt’s apartment. After reading her Wikipedia page, it seems that she appears in a later episode, too. (‘The Bachelorette Party,’ if you want to find her. I haven’t rewatched that one yet.)

2. Emily Gilmore as the Mom From Dirty Dancing

Emily Gilmore in Dirty Dancing

I’ve seen this movie several times, but it never really clicked that Baby’s mother was also the woman who played Lorelai’s mother. The funny thing is that she looks pretty much the same, but her character is very different in personality.

3. Liz Danes as Gwen Morton in Twin Peaks

Liz Danes in Twin Peaks

Kathleen Wilhoite, the woman who plays Luke’s brother Liz, has been in lots of different stuff, but I spotted her in Twin Peaks (along with several other Gg actors). She plays Lucy’s sister, which is pretty believable because they look a little alike. But maybe it’s just the bad perms? I’m not sure.

4. Babette as the spokesperson for The Christian Children’s Fund

I may be showing my age here, but you know Sally Struthers (Babette) was in All in the Family, right? I mean, I wasn’t alive when it first aired, but I watched tons of reruns on Nick at Nite while I was growing up. Well, you should also remember the Christian Children’s Fund commercials, too. Yep, that woman was Sally Struthers.

5. Rory Gilmore in Rushmore

Alexis Bledel (Rory) has often said that Gilmore girls was her first real acting job. I’m sure that’s true, but she also appeared as an uncredited extra in the movie Rushmore. She’s in the front row, right next to Max Fischer.

There are lots, lots more of these that I’ll share again soon. The Gilmore girls crossovers seem to be infinite.


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