Howdy and hello!

If you’re wondering what you’ve stumbled into, let me give you a little overview.

This site is basically a big compilation of everything I enjoy. I’m working off the absolutely ridiculous idea that if I like it, maybe other people will like it, too.

While I doubt you’ll enjoy everything I do, there are a whole lot of different topics here, so it’s likely you’ll enjoy something.

I try to split the site up into categories to make it easier for you.

CREATE: Things I’m creating or hope to create–includes crafts, DIY, art, etc.

FOSTER: We recently started the foster care journey, and I’m chronicling it here.

LAUGH: Anything I find funny. Yes, anything.

LEARN: Anything I find interesting and educational. This will mostly include random facts, history stuff, etc.

NEST: Decorating and comfy home tips.

WEAR: Fashion, which I’m honestly not very good at, but I’ll include stuff here every now and then. (I tend to alternate between dressing like an Anthropologie mannequin and dressing like a wannabe hippie who just rolled out of bed for an early college class. But usually I just wear jeans and a T-shirt. If any of that sounds appealing, feel free to visit this page.)

WATCH: Things I’m watching–TV, movies, YouTube, you name it. I’ll be honest, I watch a lot of TV, so this one will probably have a ton of posts.

I’m not great at talking about myself without being sarcastic to divert your attention. However, here are a few random tidbits:

I was born in 1984. You can do that math.

I’m 5’9″.

I’m an accountant and a writer. Yes, really. And, yes, I actually make money in both fields.

I’ve been married since 2006 to a really awesome guy.

I hate sweet pickles. Actually, I HATE sweet pickles.

I love Disney World, and I actually have a Disney blog that I run with my husband.

I have two dogs: a border collie mix and a black lab mix.

I have one cat who is fluffy and beautifully orange.

I read a lot.

Finally, I am neither “little” or a “miss,” but I am definitely a chatterbox. However, the site is actually named after one of my favorite childhood characters from the Mr. Men and Little Miss franchise.

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